Sparks Justice Court 'goes to the dogs'

The Sparks Justice Court has “gone to the dogs.”

You've heard the famous "no dogs allowed" phrase, but that is no longer the case at the Sparks Justice Court after Wednesday.

Ten teams from Paws 4 Love headed to court to meet some of the local judges. A handful of therapy dogs and their handlers were thanked by the court for being instrumental in helping ease the stress of the court's customers.

"We try to relieve stress and keep everyone calm and happy," said Donna Porria with Paws 4 Love.

"Our customers can be plaintiffs, defendants, victims, witnesses or family members that find comfort in having a furry friend around. In one instance, we even had a dog accompany a child victim on the witness stand while testifying," said Sparks Justice Court Administrator Janine Baker.

Paws 4 Love has been a nonprofit pet therapy organization since 1997 and encourages literacy, volunteerism and well-being throughout the community.

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