Technology issue to blame for Southwest Airlines flight delays along West coast

Photo: James Wang / CC BY 2.0

Southwest Airlines experienced delays with several flights Tuesday night on the West coast due to a technology issue, a spokesperson said.

Southwest reported delays for some flights arriving to and departing from the Reno-Tahoe International Airport on Tuesday, Aug. 8.

All delayed flights to and from the Biggest Little City appeared to be in the air by late Tuesday night, according to the airline's website.

Issues have also been reported in Sacramento and the Bay Area.

Airline spokeswoman Melissa Ford said in an email to News 4-Fox 11 that the airline was working to "resolve a technology issue," which had caused the departure delays.

The issue affected 120 flights, she said, and all but seven departed after experiencing an average delay of about 90 minutes. Four flights were canceled due to a curfew in Orange County, while the other three were for crew rest laws.

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