Some Sanders supporters say upset over NV state convention not going away


The upset from Bernie Sanders supporters does not appear to be quietly fading. Supporters like Adryenn Ashley attended Nevada's State Democratic Party Convention. She and others are making their making their own videos, using their own narratives from video taken at the convention. She said, "I have more than a million views and yeah, it's still growing."

She said what happened at the State Convention is being mischaracterized. She said, "Yes, I can tell tell you it is being mischaracterized. What happened there? A chair was not thrown, a chair was lifted, voices were raised and people were upset after they stole the election."

She said she does not condone the subsequent threats, including death threats, spelled out in a formal complaint against some Sanders supporters to the DNC from the State Democratic Party. CLICK HERE to see the formal complaint.

State Democratic Party Convention Co-Chair, Chris Wicker blames Sanders campaign organizers for giving false information and that led to false expectations to Sanders supporters. He said, "They were told to expect that the Nevada State Democratic Party would try to rig the election for Hillary Clinton." Clinton won the Nevada Caucus in February but the Sanders camp worked to reverse the delegate count at the County Conventions, particularly in Las Vegas. Wicker said, "They were led to believe they could flip Nevada for Sanders when that was never in the cards."

Wicker said the rules used were standard and have been used for many Conventions in the past. He said the crux of the fight came down to just a couple of delegates. He explained, "If sanders had more delegates at the State Convention, the delegate split would have been 18 for Clinton, 17 for Sanders. As it turned out, Clinton had more delegates so the split was 20 for Clinton and 15 for Sanders." He added, "Two national delegates is not going to change who wins the nomination. It certainly is not in the category of something worth making death threats over."

Prior to the State Convention, State Party Chair Roberta Lange wrote an editorial that appeared in the Las Vegas Review Journal calling for reforms to the Caucus process. Among other things, Lange would like to make the process more convenient and more accessible. CLICK HERE to see the letter.

But Sanders supporters like Ashley are skeptical of the process and believe it currently serves the parties and is set up to protect established candidates. Ashley said, "What the parties are doing is they are protecting their power. We have a two party system that leaves no room for the 60 percent of us who are like, we want something else."

She predicts the rift will favor the Republican presumed nominee, Donald Trump adding, "If you ask Sanders supporters, and I have, you will find most of them just don't trust Hillary." She believes if Clinton is named the Democratic Party's nominee, it will further help Trump. She said, "If the party thinks Hillary will unite the party, she is not the one who will do that. Most Sanders supporters will vote for Trump or Jill Stein." She believes the time has come for a third party or maybe even four parties to represent more diverse and broader points of view. Ashley said, "The gang fight we see in Washington D.C. provides one victim, which is us."

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