Signature landscapes decks the halls for one veteran family

Signature landscapes decks the halls for one veteran family.PNG

Signature Landscapes has been decking the halls of veterans since 2004. Every year they look at hundreds of stories and find one that really shows the need for a little Christmas magic.

This year, it was was Michael Sitton and his fiance, Nicole Young, who received the lights and decorations to make their Christmas a little brighter.

Michael is a 4 1/2 year veteran with the US Army who earned the Purple Heart after an I.E.D blew up under his unit's vehicle.

Just moments before the blast, he asked to switch gun positions with rear gunner where the blast would go off. The man Michael switched positions with would show his gratitude by naming his first son after Michael.

After returning from duty, Michael pursued a degree in business management at the University of Nevada and re-ignited his love for baseball at a local community college where he now coaches.

Signature Landscape says that after they had a team do a little recon on the house that they knew exactly what they needed to do to make the house Christmas ready.

To them, making some magic and taking some sweat off the back of a man that has put his life on the line is the true gift of giving.

"I think that we get more out of it than they do," says Julianne Fritcher, an employee at Signature Landscape.

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