Saint Mary's to close Women's Health Center in October

Saint Mary's to close Women's Health Center in October

Saint Mary's will be closing its outpatient Women's Health Center in October, a Saint Mary's official confirmed to News 4-Fox 11.

According to spokesperson Jamii Uboldi, the closure affects a "small population of patients" that will transition to another provider.

Uboldi added: "We have already collaborated with other area providers, and they have openings in their clinics to accept these patients."

Uboldi said the closure does not impact the hospital's Family Birthing Center or the services offered there, including lactation support and childbirth education.

Saint Mary's Women's Health Center will close effective Oct. 13, 2017.

Read the full statement from Saint Mary's below:

"Our goal is to remain focused on the obligation we have to our patients to provide quality services that are affordable and accessible. Therefore, when the advancement of medical services goes beyond our available resources, we seek to find collaborative opportunities so patients have access to the highest level of care offered locally.

As such, Saint Mary’s Women’s Health Center will close effective October 13, 2017. We have already begun the process of contacting our patients to transition them to a provider of their choice. All patients will be provided with assistance for reassignment, and we will issue refunds to those patients that have pre-paid or partially paid for services that have not been rendered.

Additionally, this change will not impact the hospital’s Family Birthing Center or the services offered in within this Center including lactation support and childbirth education. We appreciate the families who choose Saint Mary’s to deliver their child(ren), and our staff will continue providing excellent care for new mothers and their newborn(s). Our hospital NICU and Pediatrics departments also remain open.

Saint Mary’s Medical Group will continue providing gynecology care with long-standing community physician, Harold Chotiner, MD. Upon his transition to a new location, we will notify our patients accordingly. Subsequently, our employees that will be impacted by this change have been provided with options to transfer into an open position within our Network.

The providers at the Women’s Health Center are committed to providing OBGYN care to their patients, and to our current knowledge, the physicians and midwives, will remain local.

Saint Mary’s appreciates the community’s support of this program during the transition, and we thank our community OBGYN’s for aligning with us to ensure patients continue receiving excellent obstetric and gynecological care."

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