RPD: Increased enforcement of illegal street racing leads to numerous citations & arrests

Reno Police crack down on illegal street racing

Over the last several weeks, the Reno Police Department's Traffic Division has been working diligently to locate and enforce illegal street racing throughout the city of Reno.

Officer Broadways says that 55 citations were issued and 11 arrests were made. Ten motor vehicles were also towed by officers for various reasons.

Reno police would like to take this time to remind those who participate in illegal street racing that they could be arrested and charged with a felony if they elude officers. Organizers and spectators of these races can also be charged and fined up to $1,000.

The Reno Police Department will continue to actively target illegal street racing throughout Reno.

Citizens who know where illegal street racing occurring are encouraged to contact Reno Direct at (775) 334-INFO (4636) to report it to the Reno Police Department.

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