Richie West Jr. sentenced to 2 years behind bars in connection with illegal drug ring

Photo courtesy: Washoe County Jail

Richie West Jr. has been sentenced to 24 months behind bars for prescription drug conspiracy and possession with the intent to distribute oxycodone.

West has served a total of 20 months thus far, including time served. David Houston, West's attorney, told reporters he expects his client to be transferred to an outpatient rehab facility early next year.

Houston said West will likely serve the remainder of the sentence at the Washoe County Jail. He will also serve 16 months of house arrest after completing his sentence behind bars.

West Jr., the manager of a Reno car dealership, was accused of being a member of a high-profile drug ring in April of 2016.

On Friday, February 3, West Jr. pleaded guilty to prescription drug conspiracy and possession with the intent to distribute when he admitted before Federal Judge Miranda Du that he was prescribed oxycodone and that he sold the leftover pills amounting to 500 30mg pills. West said the painkillers were obtained for legitimate reasons due to his chronic back pain.

According to West during his February hearing, he paid over $100 per visit from Dr. Robert Rand to receive his prescription. West said the visitation charged ended when car service and maintenance were exchanged at the Jones-West Ford Dealership on Kietzke Lane in Reno.

Dr. Rand was sentenced to 10 years in prison for his involvement in the pill mill on Monday, November 20 in federal court.

David Houston is represented West and confirmed that 12 of 13 charges were dropped as part of a plea agreement. Houston noted that because West entered a plea deal, "He is subject to being subpoenaed to testify if anyone else chose to call him, whether that's the defense or prosecution."

When asked, why the change of heart from his previous plea, Houston said, "The change of heart is because (West) never had an objection to accepting responsibility for what he had done. What (West ) had an objection to was accepting responsibility for things that were not true that he had not done."


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