Opioid regulations 'temporarily suspended' in new law that addresses opioid crisis

controlled substances confusion.png

RENO, Nev. (News 4 & Fox 11) -- The Nevada Board of Medical Examiners is calling for a working group to sort through confusion over "mandates relating to how the Board's normal process of professional discipline will be affected, how the implementation of AB 474 may adversely impact patients and the practice of medicine in Nevada," according to a press release obtained by News 4.

Prescribers have also been confused. Some are giving patients incorrect information, according to the Governor's Office.

Policy Analyst Elyse Monroy said those who need any clarification can visit prescribe365.nv.gov, where multiple resources are available.

Renown Medical Center's Vice President, Dr. Paul R. Sierzenski, told News 4 that while there may be some confusion, AB 474 is an important law for Nevada.

The law's purpose is to address Nevada's opioid crisis by standardizing the prescribing practices for controlled substances.

The Governor's Office is pleased with AB 474, but if regulations need to be added in order to clarify items in the law, they are on board.

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