How to use Reno's first dockless bike sharing program

How to use Reno's first dockless bike sharing program

We have some 'wheely' good news for you!

Bike sharing just got a lot easier in the Biggest Little City. LimeBike officially launched in Reno on Monday, May 14.

The bike share program is likely a little different from ones you've used in the past -- that's because it's dockless meaning there aren't specific drop-off and pick-up locations.

How to use the bikes

  1. Download the LimeBike app on your smartphone
  2. Login using either a phone number or your Facebook account
  3. Tap the person icon to set up your account
  4. Check out the nearby bikes maps or click "ride" if you've already located one
  5. Snap a photo of the QR code under the seat or type in the bike's number
  6. Wait for the bike to recognize your access
  7. Unlock the bike with the red slide tab on the rear wheel under the fender
  8. Pull the tab until the bike is unlocked
  9. Adjust to seat to your liking
  10. Jump on and off you go!

How much will this cost me?

  • LimeBikes will cost you $1 per every 30 minutes

Where can I find these bikes around Reno?

More than 1,000 bikes can be found around the downtown Reno area.

Use the map feature on the app to find the location nearest you.

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