Reno student wants archery added as program in Washoe County schools

John Langdon, 13, practices archery, a sport that he has been active in for three years so far. John is petitioning the Washoe County School District to add it as a program in its schools. (KRNV)

John Langdon says archery is his passion. The sport helps the 13-year-old concentrate because the only thing he needs to focus on is hitting a bullseye.

John, who has autism, is a student at Depoali Middle School in Reno, but his school does not offer an archery program.

In fact, the Washoe County School District does not officially sanction archery, so John has started a petition to have it included as a competitive sport.

It is offered in other parts of Nevada, including Carson City, where teacher Laura Valley says the Archery Club at Fritsch Elementary School has been successful.

Watch the report to learn more about John's love for archery and his petition for the sport.

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