Reno pirates give out a small gift and a make big impact for homeless


There's a group of pirates on a mission to make the homeless a bit happier. They're doing it one sock at a time.

Ron Nobles is better known as his pirate name, Commodore Kraken. He started the Golden Sock Campaign after just one donation.

"About a-year-and-a-half ago I gave out a pair of socks and the guy started crying," he said.

He hands out new socks in Reno to anyone who wants them.

"They're always on their feet. They have no place to hide from the rain or snow or whatever so the most important thing is going to be your socks, taking care of their feet," Nobles said.

Nobles gave Betty, a 70-year-old homeless woman a pair.

"Somebody came out and started passing them out. I'm like, 'oh thank you,'" she said.

Betty knows the importance of taking care of her feet.

"Keeps your feet warm. If your feet are warm and your head is warm you're going to stay healthy," she said.

Socks are a simple inexpensive gift that can have a huge impact for those who need them.

Bobbie Straughter who is homeless was thrilled about his new pair of socks that Nobles gave him.

"The importance of socks is protect your feet from germs and to keep your feet warm," he said.

Commodore Kraken is part of the Pirates of Reno. It's a group who donates their time to help those in need. They participate in many events around town including the Golden Sock Campaign. They take new sock donations at NuMotion at 280 S. Rock Boulevard, suite 210.

Genie's Closet at 4746 N. Virginia St. and Pinnacle Wellness at 35 E. Regency Way will also take the new sock donations for the Golden Sock Campaign.

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