After 3 rescued in 2 days, fire officials warn public about dangers of Truckee River

Reno Fire officials warns public about dangers of Truckee River

Rescue crews are reminding people to avoid the Truckee River after making two rescues in two days this week.

The Reno Fire Department's Water Entry Team rescued two men from the Truckee River Thursday afternoon.

The group separated from their raft near the Chalk Bluff Dam. The pair made it safely to shore, while the raft was discovered about 500 feet downstream near Idlewild Park.

On Tuesday, an individual was rescued from the river in Sparks.

The river is flowing very fast and very high right now. Officials said it is currently rushing five times faster than normal, at 5,000 cubic feet per second (CFS).

With record snowfall, the runoff is going to the Truckee River, and the snowmelt makes the water very cold.

"You have to remember the temperatures are freezing. Hypothermia sets in fast. And we don't know what's under the river because everything has changed because of the flooding. There are obstacles that can pin you, and it would be wise to just stay out of it for the time being," said Reno Fire Battalion Chief Mike Pilcher.

Experts anticipate the river flow will continue to be dangerous until mid-July.

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