Reno becomes new export king in Nevada

Reno becomes new export king in Nevada

The Biggest Little City is growing and it's getting bigger in more than one way.

The latest numbers from the Department of Commerce reveal Reno as the number one export market in the whole state of Nevada.

Based off 2016 export value, Reno exported $2.4 billion in goods. Las Vegas exported $2.3 billion.

This is a large change from 2015: Las Vegas had $2.9 billion in export value while Reno reached $1.9 billion.

The $500 million gain from 2015-2016 can be attributed to a multitude of factors, according to local business owner Joe Dutra, CEO of Kimmie Candy.

  • Reno is within a two day driving distance of 62 million people
  • The vast trucking network with access to I-80
  • Reno-Tahoe Airport's easy and quick access
  • Off shore manufacturing moving to the region due to a tax friendly climate and recent tax breaks for businesses.
In 2016, Kimmie Candy received the Presidential Export Award for their outstanding contribution to exporting. Dutra attributes the achievement to many of the local factors. Nevada's total exports as whole in 2017 reached $12.2 billion. The top five export categories are as follows:
  • Primary Metal ($6.45 billion)
  • Computers and electronics ($1.9 billion)
  • Miscellaneous Manufacturers ($1.56 billion)
  • Minerals and ores ($404 million)
  • Electrical equipment ($305 million)
Switzerland continues to be the top export market for Nevada, followed by India, Canada, China and Mexico.

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