Psych evaluation ordered for woman charged in parents' murder

Alex Alegria.jpg

A judge has ordered a psych evaluation for the Sparks woman accused of killing her parents after a house fire.

Two psychiatrists, two psychologists or one of each will perform the evaluation.

According to NRS 178.400, a defendant's competency is defined by the following:

  • Understands the nature of the criminal charges against the person;
  • Understands the nature and purpose of the court proceedings; or
  • Aids and assists the person’s counsel in the defense at any time during the proceedings with a reasonable degree of rational understanding.

According to Alegria's public defender, Jay Slocum, a hearing has been scheduled for December 12th, during which a judge will hear the results of the test.

A judge has ordered a psych evaluation for Alegria in the past. She went to court in 2016 for an attempted burglary charge.

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