Protesters call on Adam Laxalt to reject endorsement from Storey County Sheriff

    Protesters call on Adam Laxalt to reject endorsement from Storey County Sheriff

    Progressive groups are calling on Nevada gubernatorial candidate Adam Laxalt to reject the controversial endorsement of a Northern Nevada sheriff.

    Laxalt, a Republican front-runner for governor, enjoys the endorsement of Storey County Sheriff Gerald Antinoro, who was found to have sexually harassed one of his former employees.

    Back in 2016, News 4 obtained an independent investigation showing that Antinoro violated Storey County's sexual harassment laws twice.

    It shows he harassed one of his former employees, who understood his text messages to be pressure for sexual favors.

    "They've twisted and taken out of context things from my depositions. That's the whole purpose behind this," Antinoro said Friday. He was not willing to do an on-camera interview.

    "It's ridiculous. It's nonsense."

    Storey County officials confirmed that Sheriff Antinoro was never disciplined for the sexual harassment, in part because he is an elected official.

    On Friday, protesters from NARAL Pro-Choice Nevada, PLAN Action Fund and People Demanding Action demonstrated at Laxalt's Reno office, asking him to reject Antinoro's endorsement.

    News 4-Fox 11 tried to ask Laxalt about the endorsement Friday morning, but he wouldn't do an on-camera interview for this story.

    Antinoro has also been accused of sexual assault. News 4 reported back in 2014 that a woman filed a complaint with Sparks Police claiming Antinoro raped her in 2006.

    Back then, Antinoro categorically denied the allegations, and the case didn't go forward because the statute of limitations had expired, according to Sparks Police.

    Sheriff Antinoro is up for re-election this year, with two candidates in the race against him.

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