No decision from Reno City Council yet on 5,000-home proposal in Cold Springs

Cold Springs KRNV.jpg

Discussion over the proposal to build 5,000 homes in Cold Springs over the next 20 years has been pushed to February, the Reno City Council decided Wednesday.

Council members agreed to continue discussion of the development at their Feb. 14 meeting. City staff will look into "items of concern brought up by" the City Council, including impacts on traffic, placement and funding of parks, and plans to use effluent water for irrigating landscape, according to a city spokesman.

A developer is proposing to rezone the Heinz Ranch area to Stonegate. The city will consider the master plan amendment, which would remove the industrial land use designation and establish it as a more residential community.

That plan includes building up to 5,000 residential units, as well as a mixture of commercial, industrial, three elementary schools and one high school. The construction of the residential area would be divided into five phases, with everything being built on a floodplain.

The project is controversial due to homeowners' concerns about the potential effects on traffic, flooding, and wildlife. Read more about the concerns here.

News 4 reached out to the Ferraro Group who represents the developer; the company has declined to comment about the project ahead of Wednesday's city council meeting.

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