Private ditch floods Reno man's backyard, homeowner calls on company to stop wasting water

Private ditch floods Reno man's backyard, homeowner calls on company to stop wasting water

24 hours a day, seven days a week, water is being pumped out of a Reno man's backyard into the gutter.

"Just out of my yard, I could water every yard on the street with how much water they're wasting," Art Farley said.

Farley, who owns a home in Reno's old Southwest near Plumb Lane and Hunter Lake Drive, blames Lake Ditch Company for turning his backyard into a swamp.

The Lake Ditch, which runs just uphill from his property, is a 14-mile, privately-owned ditch that starts near Mayberry Drive and ends at Steamboat Creek.

In the particular stretch by Farley's home, water has been seeping through the land and pooling in some neighbors' yards.

Farley's house has been affected most, and he's resorted to pumping the water out to avoid a full-blown flood behind his house.

"It shouldn't be allowed. Somebody needs to step in and do something about it."

According to the Lake Ditch Company's website, the company is responsible for maintaining the ditch. Crews are responsible for monitoring and cleaning the ditch.

News 4-Fox 11 reached out to Lake Ditch Manager Steve Benna, who had no comment for this story.

Farley said the company sent a crew out to install a plastic tarp along the length of the ditch where it was failing, but that temporary fix hasn't worked.

"They seem resolved to not do anything. Make excuses, blame the homeowners. It's not that difficult or expensive of a solution. They just don't want to do it."

A City of Reno spokesman confirmed the city has an agreement with the ditch company to utilize the ditch for storm water discharge. The city pays some money to the company for maintenance, but the company is responsible for the maintenance, spokesman Jon Humbert wrote in an email.

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