President Trump signs bill to fund veterans medical choice program

President Trump signs bill to fund veterans medical choice program

President Donald Trump on Saturday signed an emergency spending bill that will provide more than $2 billion in funding for a program that improves the quality of care veterans receive.

Trump signed the VA Choice and Quality Employment Act, which was introduced by Nevada Senator Dean Heller, while at his golf club in New Jersey. Officials say the program ensures that veterans have access to certain services, including surgeries and life-saving treatments that the VA cannot provide.

The program also allows veterans living in rural areas to receive care near their homes. Without funding for the program, rural veterans, like those in Ely, Elko, Winnemucca, and Tonopah, would have to drive hundreds of miles to receive health care, officials say.

In addition to providing critical funding to continue the Veterans Choice Program, the VA Choice and Quality Employment Act also invests in the VA by strengthening its ability to recruit, train, and bolster their workforce, according to officials.

“I applaud the President for signing my bill to ensure Nevada’s veterans can continue using the Veterans Choice program,” said Heller in a press release. “Nevada’s warriors have fought and served their country selflessly, and they should not be forced to jump through hoops when it comes to accessing the care and benefits they’ve earned. From chemotherapy to life-saving surgeries, this critical program allows Nevada’s veterans to receive medical services that the VA cannot provide and for veterans in rural areas to seek care closer to home.”

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