Paiute Tribe rounds-up hundreds of horses in Palomino Valley

Horses being rounded up by wranglers and members of the tribe.

The Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe says they are conducting a round-up of tribal feral horses in the Pah Rah Range, west of Pyramid Lake.

Wranglers began gathering horses throughout the Palomino Valley Thursday, Jan. 3, according to the tribe, and will continue into this week.

Over 200 horses have been rounded up so far and the tribe plans to wrangle up to 400.

The Vice Chairman of the Pyramid Lake Paiute, Alan Mandell, explained that the roundup is necessary because of fire damage sustained in the 2018 Perry Canyon Fire. That fire burned over 51,000 acres, 18,000 of which are tribal land.

According to Mandell, the tribe lacked the resources to maintain the health of the horses.

He also explained that the round-up is meant to reduce impacts related to grazing and to stabilize tribal lands that were damaged in the fire.

News 4-Fox 11 received multiple calls and emails over the weekend from nearby residents claiming that the roundup put the horses in danger.

One witness of the round-up, Maureen Daane, says the wranglers were "inhumane" in their treatment of the horses.

However, the tribe holds steadfast that they committed no crime and followed all the regulations required.

"We believe we followed all the laws and regulations and treated them in the most humane way possible,” said Mandell.

Each day of the roundup, horses are inspected by a state brand inspector to ensure tribal ownership, according to the vice-chairman.

The horses will ultimately be sent to Fallon and sold to feedlots.

The Nevada Department of Agriculture is not currently taking any action against the Paiute Tribe.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates.

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