Organizers of popular Tahoe fireworks show scrambling to get last-minute permit


Organizers of a popular Tahoe fireworks show is scrambling to get a last-minute permit from Washoe County to host the event.

The Red, White and Tahoe Blue festival is scheduled for June 30 to July 4.

The annual event typically includes a parade, fair and firework shows.

As the event nears, the organizers have yet to secure the permit.

"Outdoor festivals require a lot more permitting and safety measures that have to be in place. A lot of those items were not being met," said Kirstin Corman who is the co-chair for Red, White and Tahoe Blue.

Organizer say Washoe County officials have lengthened the list of requirements since the festival has grown to be such a large event. They are prioritizing safety and want organizers to produce in-depth plans for a possible evacuation, as well as communications and traffic control.

"It's the climate that we live in today that we have to be prepared for unusual emergency circumstances. [For example] a van driving into crowds. That kind of thing," said Corman.

A previous permit request submitted by the organizers were denied on June 1, according to Washoe County officials.

Organizers say since the denial, they have decided to eliminate the parade and fair and simply focus on the fireworks. Corman says they had to start eliminating parts of the festival because they could not provide adequate safety measures.

"I'm confident the whole thing is going to happen. The fireworks in Incline Village will never go away. It just can't," said Corman.

A new plan will be submitted to the county on Wednesday before the board of commissioners reviews it on June 26.

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