NHP trooper fatally shoots man at Carson City apartment complex

NHP OIS. Photo courtsey of Jeff Munson, CarsonNow.org

A Nevada Highway Patrol trooper shot and killed a man at the Senator Apartment complex in Carson City on Tuesday morning.

Trooper Duncan Dauber says officers received a report of shots fired inside the manager's office at the complex located at the corner of Roop and Fifth streets about 9:30 a.m. Tuesday, Nov. 1.

Both NHP troopers and Carson City sheriff's deputies responded to the scene.

Dauber tells News 4 that the suspect did not comply with several verbal commands from officers.

He said, "a Nevada state trooper then entered the manager's office, issued more verbal commands, that were again not followed, and an officer-involved shooting did occur."

According to Dauber, the trooper shot and killed the suspect. The trooper was not injured.

It is not known if an employee was in the office at the time.

Officials also could not confirm if the suspect actually fired shots inside the apartment complex.

Although Carson City Sheriff's deputies were on scene at the time of the officer-involved shooting, Dauber said it's not unusual that an NHP trooper confronted the suspect. He said, "we're all police agencies, and when these things happen, they're completely fluid, and in a situation like this, you can't sit around and wait. So we all assist each other and it was probably just a situation where he was closer to the door at the time."

Residents are being let back into their apartments as long as they do not interfere with the investigation.

Roop Street between Fifth Street and Little Lane was blocked off until about 4:30 p.m.

Douglas County Sheriff's office is investigating the Officer Involved Shooting, which is protocol.

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