Nevada state park at Lake Tahoe dealing with moth outbreak

Photos taken from 2015 and 2017 show the result of a white satin moth infestation in Lake Tahoe State Park (Photos courtesy Nevada Dept. of Conservation and Natural Resources)

State officials say a Nevada park at Lake Tahoe is currently dealing with an outbreak of white satin moths.

The Nevada Department of Conservation and Natural Resources released a statement saying a survey found 226 acres of infestation at Lake Tahoe Nevada State Park.

Bark and leaf samples showed 10-15 caterpillars per leaf, which state officials say is an extremely high number.

The result of the infestation would be a diminished fall color this year, according to the state agency, and there could be more tree stress and defoliation if the populations increase next year.

The moths should not lead to any major defoliation in the more urban areas, state officials say.

The Nevada Division of Forestry is looking into possible insecticide spraying next year. There are no native predators of the moths since they are not a native species.

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