Nevada Ranks 6th Nationally for LEED Buildings


The U.S. Green Building Council released its national ranking of the top states in the country for LEED green buildings, and Nevada ranked sixth overall.

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified spaces use less energy and water resources, and they save money for families, businesses and taxpayers. They reduce carbon emissions and create a healthier environment for residents, workers and the community.

LEED construction is expected to support over 90,000 jobs in Nevada as a whole and have a total impact on GDP of $8.55 billion from 2015-2016.

And Reno has multiple projects lined up; one special project is the renovation of High Desert Montessori School.

Principal Tammie Stockton was at the luncheon. She said, "We are super excited about pursuing and renovating a 1974, 30,000 square-foot old medical building into a school campus following LEED certification guidelines".

Marissa Cooper, the Science Coordinator for High Desert Montessori School, developed curriculum to go alongside this renovation, focused on teaching students about environmental science and eco-literacy.

Also at the luncheon, Reno City Council member David Bobzien received an award from the U.S. Green Building Council for advocating sustainability in Reno. He explained that the mayor and city council recently signed the compact of mayors, which is the largest coalition of cities, globally, to commit to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The city government is currently working on developing a climate action plan.

City of Reno Sustainability Manager Lynne Barker explained what that means for the city.

"What that means for the city of Reno is that we are in the process of conducting our greenhouse gas inventory to identify where the greenhouse gases are coming from," she said. "And once we understand that we will create an integrated climate action plan, as well as a climate risk mitigation plan."

Now, 40 percent of greenhouse gases come from the built environment, so green buildings are a very important strategy for Reno's future. Everyone in attendance was excited for LEED buildings to play a major role as Reno continues to grow.

Gov. Brian Sandoval also said he's proud of how our state ranks for LEED green buildings.

Sandoval said, "As Nevada's population continues to rapidly increase, it is important that we integrate sustainable measures in our growth to ensure preservation of our precious natural resources. I would like to thank the many Nevadans who made obtaining these prestigious certifications a priority and thank the council for spotlighting our state."

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