Nevada lawmakers react to President Trump's health care executive order

(MGN Online)

President Donald Trump signed a health care executive order on Thursday, taking his first steps toward fulfilling his vow to dismantle Obamacare.

With that, Nevada lawmakers are reacting to President Trump's executive order that targets the health care law.

Sen. Dean Heller (R-Nev.) applauded President Trump's action:

“I welcome President Trump’s executive order allowing insurance to be sold across state lines, which will promote competition in the health care marketplace, increase choices for consumers, and ultimately drive down costs,” Heller said in a statement. “For years, I have said that we need to allow insurance companies to offer a number of different products and enable consumers to purchase insurance across state lines to encourage competition and lower costs. That’s why I introduced legislation that would do just that. While I am disappointed that Congress has not successfully acted to repeal and replace Obamacare, I applaud President Trump’s action on this issue and I look forward to working with my colleagues to move my legislation forward in the Senate.”

Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto (D-Nev.) denounced President Trump's order:

“Instead of working in a bipartisan manner to reform our healthcare system, President Trump has chosen to openly sabotage the Affordable Health Act, putting the healthcare of tens of millions of Americans in jeopardy," Cortez Masto said in a statement. “Today’s executive order will further destabilize our healthcare system by deregulating association health plans and short-term insurance in order to undercut state health insurance marketplaces. This will send premiums and deductibles skyrocketing, sending the health insurance marketplaces into a death spiral. This comes on top of President Trump’s other malicious efforts to sabotage the ACA, such as threatening to stop cost-sharing reduction payments, slashing the open enrollment period, severely undermining the role of patient navigators, and cancelling important enrollment TV and radio campaigns.

“Overwhelming public outcry led to the defeat of the repeal of the Affordable Care Act in the Senate. In response, President Trump has spitefully used his executive power in a way that will directly harm the health of Nevadan families. I will continue working with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to safeguard working Americans from the effects of this disastrous executive order.”

Gov. Brian Sandoval on Friday gave his thoughts while speaking to reporters:

"It's going to be devastating to families now," Sandoval said. "And so people right now who have access to preventative care and access to care aren't going to be able to have that. So they won't be able to purchase insurance; it's going to put more strain on the hospitals because you're going to have that uncompensated care. That's something that we were able to fix in regard to UMC, they went from being 50 to 100 million dollars in the red to being in the black and being able to expand and provide more services. So there really is a huge ripple effect to all of this; certainly we're unpacking all of that right now and looking to see what all the consequences will be, but I can't think of one that's good."

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