Residents share frustration over possible changes at Caughlin Ranch House

Some neighbors are upset about the short notice or no notice. Others don't agree that the property should be changed.

Caughlin Ranch neighbors are frustrated after attending a public meeting over a proposed master plan that could add developments on the historic Caughlin Ranch House.

Summit Engineering Corporation (SEC) notified 146 neighbors who live within 750 feet of the property about the meeting to discuss future developments.

Before the developers could begin their presentation, neighbors were agitated and started hammering away with questions on what the master plan entailed.

SEC replied that it is in the early stages and has not finalized plans. However, there are talks of townhomes being built on the 3.77-acre lot. SEC president Tom Gallagher would not confirm how many lots they were interested in building, but he stated they could range from 4,000 to 15,000 square feet.

The property owner, Terri Bath, said the home would be preserved and the park would not be touched. The 3.77-acre lot they own may be redeveloped in the future to recover from the closure of the Garden Shop Nursery.

Bath explains, "All we're trying to recoup is some of our money not all of it. We don't want to devalue anybody's home. We're sorry about what real estate people told them about what they were going to have forever and ever."

The city of Reno's Jeff Borchardt attended the meeting as a mediator between the developer and residents. Borchardt said at the meeting the site is considered historic in the City of Reno, but it is not listed as a historic site under the state of Nevada. It is therefore not protected under the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966.

Gallagher said initial renderings could be released in the next two to three months. The developer can submit a request four times a year before the council but must first present before the planning commission.

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