Mount Rose Highway recreational areas becoming scattered with debris

    A dozen families enjoying some sledding along Mount Rose highway.<p>{/p}<p>{/p}<p>{/p}

    During the winter months, recreation areas along Mount Rose highway (State Route 431) and at Spooner Lake summit (State Route 28) have become a destination for tourists and locals alike.

    With a large number of pedestrians and visitors comes responsibility, says the Nevada Highway Patrol. Specifically for belongings and garbage left alongside the highways.

    These recreation areas are under the jurisdiction of the US Forest Service but the Nevada Department of Transportation recently assisted in removing approximately 650 pounds of trash and old sleds near the roadside recreation areas. This includes food, old sleds, snow gear and auto parts.

    "These larger items can pose a threat to drivers on our highways," says Meg Ragonese, NDOT spokeswoman. "It is also important for pedestrians to be safe when crossing roadways especially during winter conditions."

    The influx of visitors makes for great fun in the snow. Yet, NDOT says that the biggest rule is packing in what you pack out to these areas.

    "We want people to enjoy the beauty of Lake Tahoe and the mountains meanwhile leaving it clean for those of us who live here," says Ragonese.

    The Nevada Highway Patrol says that if you are littering alongside these highways, you may be fined up to one-thousand dollars.

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