Motel residents express concern over motel demolitions during event at Desert Rose Inn


Motel residents were handed the mic Thursday to share their stories about what it truly means to call a Reno motel "home".

The event titled "Who Does the City Belong To?" was held at the Desert Rose Inn in front of a crowd of people, including Mayor Hillary Schieve and several city council members.

One of the motel residents, Charlie Stokes, expressed serious concern over the recent demolitions going on in the area.

He suspects that the Desert Rose could be next, and owner Jim McAllister, confirmed that he is talking to developers.

He told News 4- Fox 11 at the event that he would sell for the "right price".

With rent at $720/ month, Stokes wonders where he could go to find a comparable living situation.

The City of Reno is working to find solutions for those displaced by demolitions.

The Village on Sage Street is one option. Several affordable housing units are also in the works.

You can find more resources for housing needs here.

Developers like Jacobs Entertainment say that in the past, they have helped displaced tenants transition into new housing.

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