More sexual misconduct allegations levied against former Reno city manager

Former Reno City Manager Andrew Clinger is pictured in this file photo (Sinclair Broadcast Group)

A new motion filed against the city of Reno is revealing more allegations of sexual misconduct against the former Reno city manager, more than a year after his resignation.

The new filing alleges Clinger awarded the assistant city manager a $44,000 raise due in part to a romantic relationship between the two.

There are other claims of sexual discrimination, including allegations that Clinger helped women to whom he was attracted, and that he appeared to discriminate against men.

The new allegations are from a year before three city employees filed sexual harassment claims against Clinger while he was city manager in 2016. Clinger resigned in October that year.

The women later filed a lawsuit against the city of Reno, though only two are now listed as plaintiffs in the case.

The new allegations are part of a motion to have Reno City Attorney Karl Hall recused from the case. The complaint alleges that Hall should have known about the claims and that he should recuse himself as a result.

Mark Mausert, the attorney representing the two plaintiffs, declined to comment on the new filing. Hall did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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