More multi-family dwellings will be allowed in Fernley


    The City of Fernley voted two weeks ago to allow additional multi-family dwellings. They will increase housing from 21 to 30 per acre.

    Along with implementing new housing, the city will have these units closer to one another in order to have more dwellings per area.

    Daphne Hooper, City Manager of Fernley says, “I think its helpful right. If we have people that live here that helps support property taxes and brings revenue into the city so that helps with providing city services”.

    She says that the city does not have a set timeline on when all the dwellings will be built but it will be an ongoing process.

    News 4 - Fox 11 spoke to residents of Fernley and a few of them believe it will be a positive impact for the community.

    “I think it’s a positive thing for a lot of people in our community. we have had a lot of issues with housing going one way or another. You’re either too poor so you get the poverty or you know you have enough to get into housing in the larger areas where we have all these new housings built. but there’s a lot of people in between that can’t afford either one”, says Lena Engeseth, resident of Fernley.

    Hooper says the City hopes that these dwellings will create more housing for everyone.

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