Million Mask March 2018 weekly protests in Nevada

RENO, Nev. (News 4 & Fox 11) -- The international hacking activist group "Anonymous" has extended its reach to the Silver State with this year's Million Mask March which is a weekly protest that takes place at state capitals and city halls in 800 cities around the world - three of which are Reno, Las Vegas and Carson City,

Anonymous was established in the early 2000s and has gained notoriety for acts of protest, both online and in the streets. They're especially known for its cyber attacks against various government institutions, agencies, corporations, and the Church of Scientology. They even hacked hundreds of Isis Twitter accounts after carrying out "Official Isis Trolling Day."

They stand against various issues ranging from corruption to fracking, and according to one of their Facebook pages, the group seeks a positive change in the world.

Protesters are instructed to cover their faces to prevent from being identified from videos taking from those that oppose the group, other protesters and law enforcement, and they frequently wear versions of the Guy Fawkes mask in homage to the graphic novel and comic strip "V for Vendetta."

The very first Million Mask March was held on November 5, 2013 - it was a day of civil disobedience as the group metaphorically stepped out of the internet and onto the streets. The group has publicly supported Wikileaks and the Occupy movement. And Time Magazine listed Anonymous as one of its Top 100 List of Most Influential People.

The protests are scheduled every Monday in Reno, Carson City and Las Vegas - in addition to other cities worldwide - and they are scheduled to take place from 9 a.m. to 11:59 p.m.

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