Meth, stolen gun seized following Carson City traffic stop

    Meth, stolen gun seized following Carson City traffic stop

    The Lyon, Douglas and Carson City County Gang Unit responded to a vehicle traffic offense on Friday, January 11 at around 6 p.m.

    Officials say that during the citation process, a K-9 drug detection unit conducted an exterior “sniff” and alerted to the presence of drugs.

    Sheriff Ken Furlong from the Carson City Sheriff's Office says a probable cause search followed and over 30 grams of methamphetamine was seized from the driver, along with paraphernalia.

    The owner and driver of the vehicle, 32-year-old Gregory Kelly Jr., was arrested and charged with Trafficking a Controlled Substance (28+ grams (Felony), Possession of Drug Paraphernalia (Misdemeanor), and Failure to Obey a Traffic Signal (Misdemeanor).

    Gang Unit Deputies shared the information with the Carson City Special Enforcement Unit. Furlong says that a warrant was served following Kelly's arrest received from the Carson City Courts at the 1800 block of East Long Street.

    Upon entering the home, officials discovered a stolen .45 semi-auto pistol, $1,400 in cash, methamphetamine paraphernalia and scales, a baggie containing 310 grams of methamphetamine and additional drug related items, Furlong states.

    According to the Carson City Sheriff's Office, Kelly faces additional charges for Trafficking a Controlled Substance (Felony), Possession of Stolen Firearm (Felony), Possession of a Firearm by Ex-Felon (Felony), Possession of Controlled Substance for Sale (Felony), and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia (Misdemeanor).

    Kelly's bail is set at $250,000.

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