Locals react to hold on Dozier execution, suggest hanging instead

Dozier execution delayed, locals react.png

In a hearing Wednesday morning, a Las Vegas judge ordered a temporary injunction against the Nevada Department of Corrections from using the sedative Midazolam in death row inmate Scott Dozier's execution.

The execution has been postponed until further notice as a result.

A sample of locals in downtown Reno reacted to the news Wednesday night by expressing frustration over the delays.

Some said they didn't care if he suffered; they just want him dead.

One man said he should be hanged instead.

News 4 also spoke with a defense attorney who has worked on five death penalty cases in his career.

He believes that Dozier should not be executed.

"Execution in my view has become futile," criminal defense attorney, Tom Viloria said. "It's not swift. It's not timely. therefore, it's not effective."

Viloria also argued that drug companies should have a say in how their drugs are being used, which is the issue at hand in this most recent delay.

"If their product is designed to assist and facilitate life and it has not been approved for anything other than that by the FDA, then it should not be used in this process," Viloria said.

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