Local veterans married for 67 years and counting

RENO, Nev. (KRNV & MyNews4.com) -- Veterans Day is a time for remembering those we lost, but it's also a time to appreciate loved ones whom we're lucky enough to still have. Richard and Mary young are celebrating 67 years of marriage and counting.

"We're very happy to be here together because at our age we're happy to be any place," Richard Young said.

Young is a WWII Marine Corps veteran - Sunday he rode in the Veterans Day parade with his wife Mary who is a Navy veteran herself.

"This is really special," said their son Scott Young. "We weren't sure that they'd be up to it but they've been excited and it's fun for us to see the excitement that they have."

For the Youngs, serving our country is a big part of their history.

"Our family, we've had somebody in the military ever since the American Revolution," Richard said.

So Veterans Day brings back a lot of memories.

"I was sitting this morning at breakfast. I was thinking about some very very close friends of mine that got killed one night," Richard said. "It makes you think about them."

While they lost some loved ones in the military, they gained each other.

"It's still as wonderful as the day I met him," Mary Young said. "He's been a terrific husband."

They met at Oak Knoll Naval Hospital in Oakland where they were both stationed.

"He invited me to lunch and he asked me for a date and I'm glad I went," Mary said.

Their joint operation as a married couple began on july 7th 1945 - and it has been a success.

"They'll walk and they'll hold hands and they'll sit in their chairs and watch television and hold hands," Scott said. "Sometimes when they don't think we're around I can hear them tell each other they love them."

"It's been 67 wonderful years," Mary said. "I couldn't wish for a better husband, and I'm really thankful."
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