Local roofing companies backlogged with repair requests after record winter


Homeowners hoping to make repairs before winter weather strikes may be out of luck.

News 4-Fox 11 called more than a dozen roofing and fencing companies this week. Nearly all of them have wait lists that last weeks, if not months.

"The demand is actually unbelievable at this point," True Green Roofing Solutions owner Audrey Smith said.

Smith and other local contractors say the wettest winter on record is flooding their businesses. Many roofing companies already have wait lists through the end of the year.

"When we get these extreme winters, there are roofs that should last another five years." Scott Roofing Project Manager Justin Jove said many roofs that still had life in them were severely damaged under feet of snow. "Once we have a winter like that, it all hits us at once."

The record winter isn't the only factor causing headaches for homeowners in need of repairs, though. Jove said, "combine that with new construction and the amount of work that's going on in town, it's created not only a shortage for roofing but for all the trade fields."

More construction means more jobs, but business owners are having a hard time finding people to work for them.

"Finding any kind of labor in this town right now is almost impossible." Allen Simpson is the owner of Silver State Fence & Stain. He said this is always a busy time of year for his business. "Everybody's back in school and it's time to get everything fixed before the fall."

But many contractors worry they won't be able to get to all their customers' repairs before winter begins. Audrey Smith said, "I would say that if anyone is interested in looking at a roof at this point, be prepared to talk about the spring."

While the long wait lists have many homeowners frantic to find someone to repair their house as soon as possible, local contractors are reminding their customers that patience pays off. Smith said, "you want somebody to do it right. You don't want somebody to do it quick."

Smith said if you're not sure if your roof will make it through another winter, you can always do a basic inspection of your home just by looking at it from the ground. She said if you see any missing shingles, piled-up debris, warped gutters, or lifted flashings, you may want to try to get a contractor to come out and take a look.

If you're worried about your roof leaking and you can't find a contractor to come out to your home before snow and rain start to fall, Smith recommends safely securing a tarp over the susceptible spot on your roof to try to prevent further damage.

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