Local experts weigh in at Global Climate Change Summit

The University of Nevada-Reno hosted the Global Climate Change Summit, which allowed local experts to have a discussion about the impact it has in the region.

Local experts gathered at the University of Nevada-Reno to discuss potential solutions to climate change at the Global Climate Change Summit.

The event focused on addressing the problem, the impact while also suggesting solutions in Northern Nevada.

The summit was divided into six different sessions. Some panelists say local government should spearhead sustainable infrastructure. The City of Reno voted unanimously in August to be part of a voluntary initiative, "Better Building Challenge."

"Let's say you're still on the fence about the science, that's fine," said City of Reno at-large council member David Bobzien. "Eventually, we'll all understand and see these impacts as they become more and more pronounced. But overall it's all about making wise choices."

One economist says climate change can hurt our economy if we decide not to be proactive about being more green.

"So a lot relies on the ecosystem and natural resources here in Nevada and the rest of the world," said UNR economy professor Delik Uz. "Once you start seeing some disruptions in the way that system works, that is going to have important ramifications for the rest of the economic activity."

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