Local Burners donating temporary housing for 75 Santa Rosa fire victims

Local Burners are donating temporary housing to Santa Rosa fire victims.

As thousands remain homeless in the wake of destructive Northern California wildfires, a group of local Burners are donating temporary housing for up to 75 victims.

Next week, semi trucks will deliver eight converted shipping containers to a lot in Santa Rosa already equipped with bathrooms and showers.

The rooms themselves will have electricity, air conditioning and a refrigerator, and can sleep four people in each.

Jen Martini, a member of Burners without Borders, said the rooms are ideal for families, and that families who have students with autism will live in them until they find a more permanent solution.

"We knew we had these containers here that just sit here 11 months out of the year," Martini said. "(Helping) is just what you do ... this is what the principles of Burning Man are all about."

For Jen, it's also deeply personal. Her mother's house was one of thousands burned to rubble.

"It's been hard to watch my community go through this."

Saturday, Jen and several other Burners emptied out and cleaned up the containers, full of bikes and other Burning Man items that are usually stored in the containers until the following year.

Volunteers will clean the rooms a second time before victims move in later next week.

The project is called Oasis Village, and the Burners are still looking for donations to help with transporting the containers down to Santa Rosa and for items such as bedding.

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