Local nine-year-old becomes Police Chief for the day

Chief Soto helps Ben pick out a donut at holy Schmidt Donuts

Sixth generation Northern Nevadan and nine-year-old Ben Anderson got a special opportunity to see what it's like to be a member of Reno Police Department.

"I want to catch the bad guys," said Ben.

Reno Police Chief Jason Soto took a step down on Wednesday to allow Ben to become Reno's Police Chief for the day. 10 months ago Anderson was diagnosed with a terminal disease called adrenoleukodystrophy, a genetic disorder of the brain. The illness has already taken his eyesight, but it didn't stop from being the boss for a day.

It started early in the morning with Ben meeting a handful of member of RPD, including Julio the police dog. The team showed Ben around the station and eventually made their way to their favorite donut shop.

"What's our favorite donut place?" said Reno Police Chief Jason Soto.

"Holey Schmidt," Ben declared.

After a quick bite to eat, duty called. A driver sped through a stop sign right outside the donut shop.

"Slow down and have a nice day," stated Ben. He let the driver off the hook with no ticket.

After the busy morning, Ben and the RPD team stopped by Reno's city council meeting. Ben was awarded a plaque from the city of Reno declaring Wednesday, January 9th as "Ben Anderson Day."

"The way he approaches every day is a lesson for all of us how to approach each in every day," stated Soto.

Ben's family doesn't know how long he will live, but he'll continue to live an active lifestyle until he can't anymore.

"It's not the life that we wanted him to have, but it's the life that he's been given," said Katie Anderson, Bens mom. "We're just doing our very best to find all the silver linings that we can."

For more on Ben's story you can go to posthope.org/benanderson.

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