Lemmon Valley residents fight Washoe County over new housing development


The Washoe County Board of Commissioners is scheduled to have an appeal hearing over the proposed housing development, Lemmon Valley Heights.


Lemmon Valley resident Tammy Holt-Still filed the appeal in mid-March.

She appealed the decision by the Washoe County Planning Commission to approve a tentative subdivision map of the housing development.

It was approved on March 6, 2018.

In preparation for the appeal hearing on Tuesday, Holt-Still filed cover letter, which can be seen below:

She also filed a 14-page affidavit. She told News 4 that she spent three days straight writing it:

Washoe County Expert Opinion

News 4 spoke to Washoe County engineer, Dwayne Smith, who has extensive knowledge of Lemmon Valley, and gave his thoughts on several items listed in Holt-Still's affidavit.

Smith said the developers have not only followed, but also exceeded code requirements in their plans.

He also said that new developments often allow the construction of new pipes and retention ponds that help to mitigate future flooding.

He also mentioned that the board of Commissioners directed staff to look at devising a flood mitigation plans, where the following would be determined:

  • What are the impacts?
  • How often might flooding occur?
  • What needs to be done in response (capital projects, code changes)?

These issues would then be vetted with the public. This process would take about a year to complete, and he estimated the plan would require a couple hundred thousand dollars. He also said the County has received funding, but would not reveal the amount.


Before Holt-Still can present her case to the Commissioners, she has to prove her "standing" to bring the appeal in the first place.

If standing is not proven, she will not be able to present her case.

Looking Ahead

If the Board changes or reverses the decision of the Planning Commission, it may send the decision back to the Planning Commission with instructions.

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