Over 40 Lemmon Valley residents "opt-in" to class action lawsuit against City of Reno

Lawyers in Swan Lake class action hold meeting with community

Lawyers met with about 100 Lemmon Valley residents Tuesday night to discuss the class action lawsuit against the City of Reno.

The Doyle Law Firm, which includes Kerry and Roger Doyle, is heading up the lawsuit alongside attorney, Luke Busby.

The legal team said those who opt-in to the lawsuit will be considered "class members" and will not have to pay any court or attorney fees. They also are not required to appear in court.

Those responsibilities will fall upon the "class representatives" only.

According to attorney Roger Doyle, if residents lose the lawsuit, they will not have to pay the City of Reno for their fees.

Residents who opt-in must:

  • compile photos of flooding and damage (before and after)
  • find/ gather all documents related to property value, damages, claims (i.e.: insurance)
  • provide legal team with contact information
  • fill out, sign & mail opt-in form

If residents choose to join, their property will be flagged as being involved in litigation. Attorney Kerry Doyle said that this could make it difficult to sell the property.

According to Roger Doyle, insurance companies could potentially raise their rates on a home if neighbors start to participate in the class action.

Residents have until May 1st to opt-in.

The first part of the trial will start on February 4, 2019. If the lawsuit is won by residents, the damages portion of the lawsuit is expected to begin in June 2019.

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