Later hours, more fees could be coming for Washoe County marijuana dispensaries

Later hours, more fees could be coming for Washoe County marijuana dispensaries

Marijuana dispensaries in unincorporated Washoe County could be allowed to have later hours soon, one of a few small changes that could be coming when county commissioners adopt permanent pot rules.

Dispensaries and production facilities have been operating under temporary regulations since August 2017 thanks to Nevada's quick start marijuana program.

But now, the Washoe County Commission must adopt permanent regulations before July 1, 2018, when temporary business licenses and regulations are set to expire.

The biggest proposed change for the consumer is extending the hours when a dispensary is allowed to sell cannabis.

Currently, customers can purchase weed from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m., but the new proposed rule would allow shops to remain open until 10 p.m.

A few Washoe County residents pushed back against the possible change at a public workshop Wednesday night.

"These facilities are very near residential homes so if you have 24-hour operation or you have late-night operation, that can have a very negative impact on the people that live down there," said Bill Naylor, Washoe Valley resident.

The county also plans to raise taxes on dispensaries by collecting a 3 percent gross revenue fee every quarter, starting in July.

"(County commissioners) want us to make sure that the industry itself is paying for any impacts that Washoe County's going to see moving forward," said Dave Solaro, assistant county manager.

It's a pretty standard fee in the industry, which dispensaries understood was coming eventually, Solaro said.

Washoe County expects to collect around $486,000 annually thanks to the gross revenue fee, according to a letter sent to dispensary owners.

Commissioners are slated to hear the permanent regulations at a meeting on March 27 and vote on the regulations April 10.

The changes will only apply to the four dispensaries in unincorporated Washoe County: RISE in Spanish Springs, Reef and Kanna in Sun Valley and NuLeaf in Incline Village.

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