Lakemill Lodge applies for permit to convert from hotel to apartment building

LakeMill Lodge.png

The company that owns the Lakemill Lodge in downtown Reno is looking to make some changes.

Brar Hotels Incorporated have applied to convert "Tower B" units from motel to studio apartments. The plan includes adding kitchens to existing rooms.

According to the planning review, each unit would contain a washer/dryer combo, a kitchen (cooking and dishwasher facilities) and a balcony.

All proposed work is to the interior of the building, and not the exterior. The proposed project would contain 74 efficiency units.

The permit application filed with the City of Reno is below:

Lakemill Lodge is located at the corner of Sinclair Street and Mill Street:

Adding kitchenettes to motels/hotels in the area is something that the Reno City Council has been considering making a requirement for some time.

Discussions between owners and code enforcement officials began on Tuesday.

The City hasn't included kitchenettes in a current proposed ordinance that spells out other regulatory changes, but it could be added at a later time.

For a list of other items in the ordinance, watch the video above.

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