Knowing the difference between your winter illnesses


The common cold and winter flu share a lot of common symptoms. This can make it difficult for some to know exactly what they need to recover properly.

Getting in to see a doctor could take a little bit of time and, often enough, people under diagnose their symptoms as a result of a cold.

"By the time that I realize I was sick all of a sudden it was like Bam hit me just like that, " says Reno resident Reece Michaels.

Michaels had a cold just a couple days before Christmas last year and said he thought nothing of it till five days later when his doctor told him he had a severe sinus infection.

Community Health Alliance says that the three big illnesses during winter are: pneumonia, a cold, and the flu.

Here's some of the tell-tale signs you have the flu:

  1. it will be very sudden and hit very hard
  2. - headaches are very common
  3. - there will be chest discomfort and a cough
  4. - strong fatigue ( very tired )
  5. - body aches and chills

Here are some signs you have pneumonia:

  1. - similar symptoms to flu but NOT as abrupt or sudden as the flu symptoms
  2. - fever up to 105 degrees fahrenheit
  3. - coughing green/yellow/bloody mucus
  4. - feeling like you are unable to catch your breath especially when moving
  5. - sharp chest pain when coughing or taking a deep breathe
  6. - fast breathing and heartbeat

Here are some ways to separate a cold from the flu:

  1. - a cold is gradual when it comes to symptoms, they come on slow
  2. - colds more than likely to have a runny or stuffy nose
  3. - usually feels manageable and not over tiring

Community Health Alliance says that getting a flu shot can help reduce the impacts of the flu, or even stop it entirely. A few other ways are to keep away from the flu are to wash your hands for more than forty seconds, eat healthy and drink plenty of fluids. If you do start noticing any of the symptoms above, CHA says you should always consult a primary care physician or go to an urgent care.

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