iPads from Isaac: Turning grief into the gift of speech

RENO, Nev. (KRNV & MyNews4.com) - A Reno family is turning grief into a gift for children without voices. They lost their young son two months ago. He was just a month shy of his 8th birthday.

Little Isaac Roller lived his already difficult life without a voice, and his family hopes to share that breakthrough with others.

"It's hard for the families," says Kathy Roller, Isaac's mother. "It's hard for them to just cope every day to know what your kid wants."

Isaac beat all odds the moment he was born.

Doctors didn't think he'd even make it past day one, but he proved them wrong.

"Joy just radiated from him. He was just the happiest kid ever," Kathy says.

He had a complex congenital heart problem, autism, and DiGeorge Syndrome. That meant a weak immune system, developmental delays, and countless surgeries.

"All of that--- and he was happy every day,"

And every single day, he lived it without a voice. To convey what he felt, Isaac could cry in despair, or laugh in approval. Isaac knew only four phrases: "oh no", "I know", and multiple variations of "No, No, No."

The Rollers tried sign language for years.

"His brain just didn't connect with his hands, so he couldn't even wave good bye," Kathy says. "Nut he could manipulate that iPad like a genius."

The iPad became Isaac's voice.

With a tap, he could tell you simple things, like, "I want a cookie." He could even communicate when he wanted to watch his favorite show, "Yo-Gaba-Gaba." Which was pretty much all the time.

His mother hoped Isaac would learn to express emotion by next year, but his loss was sudden.

A trip to the emergency room for a slight fever and a runny nose turned out to be an infection in his little heart.

His birthday was just a few days ago. March 28th. His family spent it together and decorated his grave. Kathy also wanted to give back. Since the iPad was so instrumental for Isaac, she wanted to give an iPad to one child without a voice, but she found that the need is enormous.

The Rollers have purchased and designated three iPads, engraved with "iPads from Isaac", to three non-verbal children in Reno. Now, the goal is to gift 100 iPads from Isaac.

Each one will turn grief into a gift, and give a mourning mother a reason to stay strong.

"It makes me want to get up every day and go to work, and want to help other people and want to use the extra time that I have now, the extra energy that I have now, to help these families."

The "iPads from Isaac" campaign is accepting donations to continue reaching their goal of one hundred iPads. Donations will be tax-deductible. To learn more, visit Move Your Mountain: iPads From Isaac. (https://mymfunding.com/campaign/IpadsFromIsaac )

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