Dancers mistreated, abused and exploited at Reno strip clubs, lawyer says

Wild Orchid in midtown Reno

Dancers at Reno strip clubs suffer "mistreatment, abuse and exploitation" at the hands of club owners, a local lawyer representing current and former strippers alleges in a five-page letter.

Strippers must provide sexual favors for VIP guests against their will, are recruited to distribute and sell illegal drugs, and can be "bought-out" like escorts, attorney Jason Guinasso said.

Guinasso, who said he's interviewed several current and former strippers and employees, detailed "unlawful employment practices" in a letter sent to to the Reno-Sparks Chamber of Commerce last week.

The letter comes as the City tries to pass ordinances that would force six strip clubs and adult businesses to move out of downtown and midtown Reno.

"It's just unacceptable. Period. On any standard."

"Not one woman that I've interviewed would say that they're treated with dignity or that they were respected," Guinasso said. "The women who wouldn't allow touching, that sort of thing, were essentially blackballed."

Mark Thierman, who represents Fantasy Girls, Spice House and Wild Orchid, disputed the claims.

"I don't think there's any basis in fact for the whole thing," Thierman said. "It's just not true, it's nothing but hearsay. [Guinasso] knows better than this."

Thierman pointed out that the letter doesn't have details on any specific incidents, which Guinasso chalked up to the fact that he's still interviewing people and fact-finding.

"I'm sorry but if you want to defame somebody's reputation, if you want to call somebody a bunch of names, you better have the facts on your fingertips."

"Maybe he doesn't have to have it in a sworn declaration but he's got to have names and addresses and telephone numbers of people he talked to. Otherwise, what is he doing? He's just spreading gossip," Thierman said.

READ the entire letter below.

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