Housing prices affecting non-profit assistance

Catholic Charities Holy Angels Warming Center / Brett Dickie

Since the start of the new year, Catholic Charities of Northern Nevada has had a 25% increase in the number of clients visiting their pantry every month.

The organization has also had a 46% increase in the amount of people asking for free clothing and kitchenware vouchers.

Now their resources are wearing thin.

"It's alarming," says Director of Marketing for Catholic Charities of Northern Nevada Matt Vaughn. "400 new families signed up last month...it just shows how tough it is out there right now."

The increase stems from rising housing costs that have forced working families out of their homes.

Catholic Charities won't be turning away anyone, but they may have to scale back how much they give to clients unless they receive help.

"We expected numbers to rise because of the influx of people moving here, but did not expect it to rise this much," says Vaughn.

The organization is asking for volunteers and donations of food, household items and money.

Representatives from the Salvation Army and Food Bank of Northern Nevada say they haven't seen as dramatic of uptick in clients, but that many people who come in are desperately looking for housing assistance.

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