Historic Ormsby House in Carson City in escrow; expected to be finalized by end of 2017

Carson City's historic Ormsby House (SBG)

One of Carson City's most prominent, historic buildings is officially in escrow, according to the property manager for the Ormsby House.

Ted Stoever, senior vice president, Northern Nevada Land & Development Investment Services for Colliers International, told News 4 that the "iconic" property is currently in the process of being purchased.

Stoever says the details of the sale are confidential, however, he could confirm that the potential buyers are an investment group who are moving their practice to northern Nevada.

The owners of the Ormsby House, Don Lehr and Al Fiegehen, put the property up for sale in early August 2016. They bought the hotel-casino in 2001.

The property has undergone remodeling off and on for nearly 16 years -- and has yet to be completed.

The new owners plan to keep the hotel-casino business, while adding some convention space and possibly changing some of the aesthetics, according to Stoever.

The name "Ormbsy House" predates the actual building. Major William Ormsby opened the original in 1860, on Second and Carson streets, but died that same year.

The Laxalt family bought it in the early 1900s, tore it down and built the new Ormsby in 1972, just three blocks from the original.

Stoever says the deal is expected to close by the end of 2017 as long as things go as planned.

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