HESCO barrier expansion goes up in Lemmon Valley

Washoe County is building another barrier in Lemmon Valley to prevent further flooding.

An additional quarter-mile of HESCO barrier is being built at the end of Pompe Way around Swan Lake to prevent future flooding.

County officials say this is the last section in Lemmon Valley needed to be protected.

This comes after County Commissioners approved up to $300,000 to expand the HESCO barrier for this winter. The additional barrier will connect to a new berm and the existing barrier.

The last remaining submerged home is located at the end of Pompe. There are currently five homes that residents cannot enter due to surrounding water.

Officials say the new protection would allow displaced residents on Pompe Way to return home. Three of the five homeowners will be able to access their home once the water is pumped.

It is also designed to assure protection to the remainder of the neighborhood to the west of Swan Lake.

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Crews are scheduled to finish building the HESCO barrier by the end of the week. By next Wednesday, crew members should pump out the remaining water on Pompe Way.

Washoe County Assistant Manager Dave Solaro said to date, the county has spent $4.4 million in Lemmon Valley flood relief efforts.

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