Nevada Gov. Sandoval creates school safety task force with executive order

school safety committee.png

Governor Brian Sandoval signed an executive order establishing the Statewide School Safety Task Force on Monday, March 19.

“The safety of our schoolchildren is a matter of [unparalleled] importance,” Governor Sandoval said. “It is imperative that the state devote its resources toward making schools as safe as possible and it is my firm belief that this Task Force will help us do just that.”

According to the governor's office, the Task Force, which will meet in the near future, may include members including:

  • the State Superintendent of Public Instruction
  • a member of the Nevada State Senate and the State Assembly
  • the superintendents of Clark and Washoe Counties or their designees
  • a superintendent from a rural school district
  • an elementary or secondary school principal
  • a representative from the Charter School Association of Nevada or its designee,
  • a school board trustee,
  • an elementary or secondary school teacher,
  • a school behavioral health care professional or social worker,
  • a representative from the State Department of Health and Human Services,
  • a school resource officer or member of law enforcement,
  • a parent of a child enrolled in grades K – 12,
  • an expert or professional in the field of juvenile justice,
  • the student representative to the State Board of Education and anyone else deemed necessary by the Governor.

The Governor will also designate the Chair of the Committee.

The Executive Order requires that the Task Force deliver an initial report of its activities to the Governor on or before August 1, 2018

which includes a review of current law related to school safety and a summary of any recommended actions that can immediately be taken to improve school safety including: any bill draft or budgetary requests necessary to enact the recommendations, a draft of any Executive Order necessary to enact the recommendations, any proposed model policy for adoption by individual school districts and any other information the Task Force deems necessary.

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