Governor Sandoval drafting executive order in hopes of keeping Nevada schools safe

school safety committee.png

Governor Brian Sandoval met with Nevada superintendents Monday to discuss plans for a new executive order.

The order will create a school safety committee of parents, teachers, principals, students and mental health professionals from all over the state.

Superintendents will be asked to pick individuals to join the committee.

Their task is to come up with tangible ideas on how to keep schools safer.

Some of the items discussed Monday that superintendents agree need attention include:

  • behavioral health experts in schools
  • school resource officers
  • resources for training

The topic of arming teachers with firearms was discussed.

Governor Sandoval referenced an existing law that says principals can give teachers permission to carry.

However, Governor Sandoval wouldn't reveal how many teachers carry due to safety concerns.

Sandoval said that the information that the committee gathers will be used when building the state's budget this year.

Sandoval's spokesperson said the plan is to have the executive order drafted and signed by the end of the week.

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