Galena High Principal and Assistant Vice Principal on leave

Tom Brown (WCSD)

Galena High School Principal Tom Brown and Assistant Vice Principal Erika Sanchez are both on leave, according to the Washoe County School District.

A district spokeswoman would not say the reason why they are both on leave and whether they are on paid or unpaid leave.

According to a statement sent to Galena families, Rick Harris will be the interim principal. District officials confirmed Harris was a longtime WCSD administrator who was the district's chief operating officer back in the early 2010s.

Statement sent to Galena families on Tuesday, Nov. 28:

Hello Galena Parents and Guardians,

This is Joe Ernst, Area Superintendent of Galena HS. I would like to inform you that Mr. Brown will be out for a period of time. In the meantime, Mr. Rick Harris will be serving as the interim principal of Galena HS. Washoe County School District will continue to provide support to our students and staff to ensure the continuation of teaching and learning during Mr. Brown’s absence.
Thank you and have a nice evening.

Joe Ernst

Area Superintendent

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